Links to source codes (e.g. Matlab, C++) and software packages (both commercial and open-source) related to computer vision. If you would like to submit a link, please contact us.


Darwin is a framework for machine learning and computer vision research and development. The Darwin libraries are outlined in more detail below:


MedInria is a multi-platform medical image processing and visualization software. It is free and open-source.


Frontalization is the process of synthesizing frontal facing views of faces appearing in single unconstrained photos.


Posest is a C/C++ library for 3D pose estimation from point correspondences that is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


The source code implements a machine learning method based on a bag of key poses model and sequence alignment.

Stain Normalization Toolbox

The Stain Normalization Toolbox contains MATLAB implementation of several existing techniques for stain normalization of histological images.

RPG Monocular Pose Estimator

The RPG Monocular Pose Estimator uses infrared LEDs mounted on a target object and a camera with an infrared-pass filter to estimate the pose of an object.


The OpenGV library aims at unifying geometric computer vision algorithms for calibrated camera pose computation within a single efficient C++-library.

MATLAB 3D Model Renderer

MATLAB functions for rendering textured 3D models (standard CG file formats) and using them to calibrate (estimate 6DOF pose) of objects appearing in images.


Chehra (meaning "face" in Hindi) is a fully-automatic real-time face and eyes landmark detection and tracking software capable of handling faces under uncontrolled natural setting. It has been deve

Occlusion Regions Finder

For two consecutive frames in a video, the software identifies which pixels in the first frame become occluded in the second.

Color SIFT

The SIFT descriptor basically characterizes the local edge distribution around keypoints.