Links to source codes (e.g. Matlab, C++) and software packages (both commercial and open-source) related to computer vision. If you would like to submit a link, please contact us.


Chehra (meaning "face" in Hindi) is a fully-automatic real-time face and eyes landmark detection and tracking software capable of handling faces under uncontrolled natural setting. It has been deve

Occlusion Regions Finder

For two consecutive frames in a video, the software identifies which pixels in the first frame become occluded in the second.

Color SIFT

The SIFT descriptor basically characterizes the local edge distribution around keypoints.


OpenCLIPP is an OpenCL library for optimized image processing primitives implemented with OpenCL for fast execution on dedicated computing devices like GPUs.

Surface Reconstruction from Multi-Resolution Sample Points

This is a source code for the algorithm presented in the following papers

Abstract of the paper

AIC: Advanced Image Coding

Advanced Image Coding (AIC) is an experimental still image compression system that combines algorithms from the H.264 and JPEG standards.

Dimensionality-Recursive Vector Quantization

DRVQ is a C++ library implementation of dimensionality-recursive vector quantization, a fast vector quantization method in high-dimensional Euclidean spaces under arbitrary data distributions.

3DGSS: 3D Geometric Scale Space

This software implements several methods introduced in these following papers to compute features and descriptors, and fully automatically align range images using the 3D geometric scale-space anal

Balu Toolbox

Balu is a Matlab toolbox for computer vision, pattern recognition and image processing developed by  Group of Ma


UbiDisplays is a prototype toolkit for building interactive displays using a projector and a Microsoft Kinect.


GeoS is a desktop application for the assisted delineation of regions within 3-D medical scans, such as Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance (MR).

Catalano Framework

The Catalano Framework is a framework for scientific computing for Java and Android.