Links to free data sets for computer vision applications. If you would like to submit a link, please contact us.

OUI-Adience Face collection

This dataset intends to facilitate the study of age and gender recognition.

MTFL: Multi-Task Facial Landmark

This dataset contains 12,995 face images which are annotated with (1) five facial landmarks, (2) attributes of gender, smiling, wearing glasses, and head pose.


Phos is a dataset for evaluating illumination invariance: 15 scenes, 14 types of illumination (with shadows) + Ground Truth.

PASCAL-Context Dataset

PASCAL-Context dataset augments PASCAL VOC 2010 dataset with annotations for 400+ additional categories.

DogCentric Activity Dataset

DogCentric Activity Dataset is composed of first-person videos taken from a camera mounted on top of a dog.

VENTURI Mountain Dataset

The VENTURI Mountain Dataset is a collection of 12 outdoor sequences, captured with a smartphone and manually verified and annotated with Ground Truth data.


UNICT-FD889 dataset is a food dataset composed by 889 distinct plates of food.

TIme Square Intersection (TISI) Dataset

The TIme Square Intersection (TISI) dataset was collected from a publicly accessible webcam for high-level event based video synopsis research.

Educational Resource Centre (ERCe) Dataset

The Educational Resource Centre (ERCe) dataset was collected from a publicly accessible webcam deployed on a university campus across about 2 months for semantic event based video synopsis research

CUHK Crowd Dataset

The dataset contains 474 video clips from 215 crowded scenes.

LFW: Labeled Faces in the Wild

Labeled Faces in the Wild is a data set of face photographs designed for studying the problem of unconstrained face recognition.


California-ND is a dataset for non-identical near-duplicates which contains 701 travel photos annotated by 10 subjects, including the photographer.