Datasets/ LASIESTA

LASIESTA (Labeled and Annotated Sequences for Integral Evaluation of SegmenTation Algorithms) is composed by many real indoor and outdoor sequences organized in diferent categories, each of one covering a specific challenge in moving object detection strategies.

In contrast to other databases, it is fully annotated at both pixel-level and object-level. Therefore, it is suitable not only for strategies exclusively focused on the detection of moving objects but also for those that integrate tracking algorithms in their detection approaches.

Additionally, it contains sequences recorded with static and moving cameras and it also provides information about the moving objects remaining temporally static.

Related publication:

  • C. Cuevas, E. M. Yánez, and N. García, “Labeled dataset for integral evaluation of moving object detection algorithms: LASIESTA", Computer Vision and Image Understunding, vol. 152, pp. 103-117, 2016.